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The Athens Collectors company was created about twenty years ago by well-known and renowned collectors.

The goal of the company was to create a large circle of collectors and to be the means that would enable all collectors to be able to buy or sell collectibles or collections with minimal or even zero transaction costs. After all, we are the only company that conducts auctions with zero commission for the buyer.

We now have more than 4,000 members worldwide, a number that grows every day certifying our reliability.

We are the largest online store of collectibles in Greece with over 5,000 immediately available posted products, with huge daily traffic * and a ten-year presence on the internet.

Athens Collection is not an impersonal website, but a company that lives the real pulse of the collectibles market. We maintain a physical store in the center of Athens at 10-12 Aristidou Street (which has traditionally been a “collector’s hangout” since the 50s), we organize open auctions in central hotels and above all we are always next to our fellow collectors.

*Thank you for ranking us again in 2022 in the first place of the Greek online collectibles stores with over 200,000 visits!

For the Athens Collection

Nirakis Panagiotis