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I found old stamps sealed. Are they valuable?

Stamps that are variously detached from mail envelopes are usually worthless. They are the so-called “common” stamps and are sold at a unit price of a few cents of the Euro. Of course, there are also the collections of stamped stamps that have commercial value, but the series should be complete by issue, in good condition and as far as the Greek ones from 1933 and before are concerned.

All stamps have collector value, in the broadest sense of the term, because all collections, regardless of whether they cost a little or a lot, have great value for all that they offer (knowledge, relaxation, emotional value, souvenir, etc.).

I have stamped Greek series and mail envelopes. How much they cost?

In general, Greek unsealed stamps and first day envelopes are of interest from 1960 and before, with few exceptions. From 1960 onwards, there are large quantities “stored” either by collectors or dealers, with the result that their prices are quite low. Unsealed pre-1960 stamps are priced on the basis of stamp price lists which exist in various editions and are easily obtainable.

Worthy of discussion, but also unclear, is the fact that the prices mentioned in the stamp catalogs are many times the commercial prices and in fact the commercial prices differ in percentage depending on the years! For example a 1970s series that has a list price of e.g. 10 euros, is sold at about 10%-15% i.e. 1-2 euros, while a series from the 1950s that has the same price of 10 euros, is sold at 30-50% i.e. 3-5 euros (!). In any case if you have a collection of unsealed series it would be advisable to visit us.

I have various foreign stamps. Are they valuable?

And on the stamps of other countries there are collectibles and non-collectibles. The unsealed ones are basically collectible, in complete series per edition. There are no general pricing guidelines. It would be nice if you visit us.

How can I be sure that someone's assessment of my collection will be correct?

The most important thing here is the reliability and specialized knowledge of the appraiser as well as his commercial experience in the field for the correct pricing.