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Do I need to register to buy or sell something?

You do not need to register as a member of the site to buy or sell. But your registration will help us to further serve you, and you will get “member privileges” (seasonal offers, right to participate in our auctions, updates on shopping opportunities, right to “reserve” items, and more).

Can I send you photos for an estimate?

You can send us photographic material to make an initial evaluation but it would be better to visit us for an accurate estimate and purchase offer from us.

I am interested in starting a collection. What would you advise me?

Whatever your collecting interest, it would be wise to look out for the following:

  • Collecting is a beautiful hobby that offers us relaxation, quality time, but above all knowledge.
  • Study and get to know each piece of your collection based on its historical and artistic significance, and don’t wait to buy the rarest or most expensive.
  • Start your collection with cheap pieces, but in good condition, and slowly raise the “budget”, having already acquired some knowledge.
  • Collections are not basically an investment, but they are definitely an investment, so you should be very careful in your purchases by always comparing prices and choosing for your purchases serious companies and stores and not itinerant and private so-called “experts” collectors” who “want to help you”.
  • Another collection, another accumulation. Don’t buy the same item multiple times, even if you find it at a low price. Beware of the fine red line between collecting and greed.
  • Meet other collectors with the same interest but if you haven’t gained knowledge don’t go easy on the trades. Join clubs, unions, etc., and visit lots of collectibles shops, exhibitions, museums, etc.
  • Buy books about your interest, because collections are knowledge, they are education, they are culture.

What should I buy that will pay me a profit in a few years?

You should consult an investment advisor. However, as a rule, the flawless condition and rarity of collectibles are two parameters that guarantee your money.

How is the appraisal and purchase process done?

The assessment is always done in the presence of the seller in our store, Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., without an appointment and is free of charge. Payment is in cash. See more…

What exactly are you buying?

With over 4000 members now, we can purchase a huge range of collectibles. Contact us or visit the store.

Can I return something I bought from you that I wasn't happy with?

Of course you can return the product. See more information in our terms of use.

Can I clean the coins that were items in my collection?

Beware, no. Do not clean your coins or collectibles in any way as they will lose a large percentage of their value.